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Building reading and communication are an important skill for today’s kids.

Wisconsin School News
April 2016

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The April 2016 issue of Wisconsin School News examines the importance of teaching communication skills in our schools.

Despite evidence that public speaking skills improve academic success, few schools teach public speaking - Terrence Falk

Every Student Must Communicate

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90% saying Communication Skills are most important for children to get ahead in the world today - February 19, 2015 Pew Research Center

An excerpt from the Pew Research Center

The skills Americans say kids need to succeed in life

By Sara Kehualani

Pew Research Center recently asked a national sample of adults to select among a list of 10 skills: “Regardless of whether or not you think these skills are good to have, which ones do you think are most important for children to get ahead in the world today?”

The answer was clear. Across the board, more respondents said communication skills were most important, followed by reading, math, teamwork, writing and logic. 

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