Step-by-step instructions and answers to your FAQs.

NewsMaker is a very easy to use platform with endless possibilities.

This collection of step-by-step instructions is here to help you along the away. We love feedback too!

Features available in the Academic Subscription

5GB Online storage per user

Online portfolio service

Teacher features in portfolio service

Remote collaboration feature 
Academic- Users can collaborate remotely with classmates or with collaborators via "Invite By Email" Feature
Retail- Users can only invite collaborators via "Invite By Email" feature

Class setup (teacher-student link) - Only available in the Academic Subscription


1. Go to the website: www.NewsMaker.tv

2. Sign in using the student's account, the one supplied in your initial email setup.

3. Click on Account Setting.

4. Put in the name and then you can choose to change the password.

What will they be doing and what does it look like?

Students will be working in groups within their classrooms, with students in other buildings, and with persons outside the district to solve problems, discuss, debate, share, etc.
CommunicatingStudent will share their learning with their teachers, peers and community using a variety of media
CreatingStudents will use productivity, multimedia, and web tools to create evidence of their learning.
Basic productivity
Students will be able to use basic productivity tools to complete daily tasks and to help organize their work on the district's file servers and hosted environments.
Independent learning
Students will learn content at their own pace and have the ability to explore related topics as they desire.

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