Assessment and Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders in Children A Dual-Level Text

Assessment and Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders in Children A Dual-Level Text 3rd Edition

is the latest revision of Assessment and Treatment of Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children. It serves both introductory undergraduate courses and advanced courses for graduate seminars on speech sound disorders and is perfect for most university programs. Written in a student-friendly style, this text makes it easier for students to understand phonology’s basic vocabulary, approaches, perspectives, theories, and assessment and treatment techniques for speech sound disorders.

ISBN: 9781416405801

This third edition includes substantial revisions that reflect advances in the study and treatment of speech sound disorders. In addition to updating research in each chapter, two new chapters have been added. A new introductory chapter defines and describes speech sound disorders and distinguishes articulation disorders from phonological disorders. The second new chapter, Chapter 9 addresses the issue of phonological awareness as it relates to speech sound disorders. All remaining chapters have been revised to reflect the recent trends, research, and theories and the reorganized chapters facilitate a better flow of information

The text now includes a companion CD with a variety of clinically friendly materials, such as diagnostic reports; sound-evoking techniques; baseline, treatment, and probe documentation forms; sound stimulability recording forms; informal screening measures, and much more.

Complete Kit Includes: 7"x 10" softcover Textbook with Resource Manual on CD-ROM ©2015.


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