ASIEP-3: Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning - Third Edition

Ages: 2-0 to 13-11
Testing Time: Varies
Administration: Individual

The Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning- Third Edition (ASIEP-3) is a valid and reliable measure of autism and related behaviors. It was designed to identify individuals with autism; assist in planning appropriate educational programs for those individuals; monitor performance and progress; and research autism. Necessary data is collected from five main standardized components:

  1. Autism Behavior Checklist - provides a checklist of 47 behaviors typical of autistic individuals for use during the initial screening process
  2. Sample of Vocal Behavior - measures four characteristics of the spontaneous speech of children with autism (i.e., repetitiveness, noncommunication, intelligibility, and babbling)
  3. Interaction Assessment - measures a child's spontaneous social responses and reactions to requests
  4. Educational Assessment - measures a child's functioning levels in five areas (i.e., stay in seat, receptive language, expressive language, body concept, and speech imitation)
  5. Prognosis of Learning Rate - examines a child's learning acquisition rate, using a discrete trial-direct instruction format

This revised edition covers normed data for individuals between the ages of 2-0 (2 years 0 months) and 13-11 (13 years 11 months). Teachers, school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, parents, or professionals familiar with autism can quickly score the test, making it time and cost effective.

Features of the ASIEP-3

  • All new normative data were collected from a demographic representative sample of the U.S. population.
  • Standard scores and percentile ranks are now provided for ages 2-0 to 13-11.
  • All record forms have been reconfigured into a standard format.
  • More item analysis.
  • More reliability studies.
  • More validity studies have been conducted.

Complete ASIEP-3 Kit Includes: Examiner's Manual, 25 Autism Behavior Checklist Record Forms, 25 Sample of Vocal Behavior Record Forms, 25 Interaction Assessment Record Forms, 25 Educational Assessment Record Forms, 25 Prognosis of Learning Rate Record Forms, an Audio CD, and a set of Toys/Manipulatives, all in a sturdy storage box.


CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts not for children under 3 yrs. This test includes certain manipulatives with small parts that may present a choking hazard and should only be administered to children less than three years of age, under the close supervision of the test administrator. A trained adult examiner must always closely supervise the administration of the test and use of manipulatives by children.


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