Edmark Reading Program: Level 1 - Second Edition, Comprehension

The 286 reproducible Comprehension activities provide an extensive amount of word recognition practice and comprehension reinforcement. These activities include a variety of formats in which the students read and comprehend words and phrases. The students choose from answers consisting of illustrations, words, or phrases. Multisensory activities are included and involve circling words, drawing lines between words or phrases and illustrations, cutting and placing illustrations, and underlining phrases. The students will enjoy completing the assignment on their own, with a buddy, or with a family member.


The students will demonstrate comprehension of words or phrases by answering the comprehension questions as required by each activity. The students will do the following:

  • Match a phrase to an illustration
  • Circle the word that matches the picture
  • Circle the correct answer (yes or no)
  • Circle the word that correctly completes the sentence (multiple choice)
  • Circle the correct multiple-choice answer

2011 Previous Edition: #10565 Supplemental Worksheets


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