Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing HELP for Language

Ages: 8-Adult
Grades: 3-Adult

Develop language flexibility and reasoning for everyday situations. Clients learn abstract language as it applies to functional skills like question-answering, question-asking, and descriptive language.

Written in the best-selling format of the HELP series, these lessons have:

  • goal-driven activities
  • expansive content
  • appeal to a broad age-range
  • gradual increase in complexity within and between activities
  • application to a wide range of developmental and acquired disorders

Clients learn to:

  • read between the lines
  • draw logical conclusions from inadequate information
  • discriminate among multiple meanings of words
  • choose between literal and non-literal meanings
  • extrapolate useful from irrelevant information

The activities develop higher-level language in four areas:

  • Answering and Asking Questions
    • what would happen if
    • what could
    • when do/does
    • how do/does
    • why don't/doesn't
    • if questions and true/false statements
  • Describing Objects and Defining Words
    • object attributes, functions and actions
    • exclusion and negation
    • similarities, differences, and classifying
    • analogies
    • descriptive words
    • using context to determine word meanings
  • Reading and Listening
    • predicting content
    • identify the main idea
    • paraphrase passages
    • draw inferences from stories
    • describe and interpret pictures
  • Applying Language Skills
    • interpret subtle meanings
    • discriminate between literal and rhetorical questions
    • interpret idioms and proverbs
    • explain similes, metaphors, and oxymorons
    • understand intonation

167 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2004


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