The Source for Apraxia Therapy

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Ages: Adult
Grades: Adult

Get 180 pages of stimuli for the treatment of acquired apraxia of speech. Choose from monosyllabic to paragraph length material.

The Source for Apraxia Therapy provides exercises to help your clients regain as much of their communication ability as possible, regardless of the severity of their apraxia. The stimuli are arranged as follows:

  • Section 1: Phonemic Groups includes bilabials, labio-dentals, lingua-dentals, lingua-alveolars, glottals, lingua-velars, lingua-palatals, blends, and vowels.
  • Section 2: Articulation/Fluency/Phrasing includes multisyllabic words, conversational sentences, paragraphs, similar word pairs, heteronyms, and more.
  • Section 3: Paralinguistic Drill includes exercises to vary pitch, emphasize target words, and convey emotions.

Exercises focus on the phoneme in the initial position. The medial and final positions are addressed through coarticulation exercises. The exercises are arranged for three modes of presentation:

  • clinician reading, client imitating
  • client reading
  • client looking at word, clinician modeling, client imitating

The exercises can be used with clients who have:

  • apraxia
  • dysarthria
  • dysfluency
  • pronounciation difficulties as in English language learners
  • articulation difficulties due to a hearing impairment

195-pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 1994


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