No-Glamour Reading Basic Comprehension

Ages: 9-14
Grades: 4-9

At-risk "tweens" and teens build success in reading comprehension when they read these age-appropriate, interesting passages presented with a slow progression of difficulty.

All reading passages are written at a 3.0 reading level or below. The 256 activities are divided into four parts; each part is more difficult than the previous one.

  • Part 1 contains a simple sentence or set of sentences that the student matches to the correct picture.
  • Part 2 contains short paragraphs. Passages at the front of the section have pictures. The rest of the section has two passages per page without pictures. Students answer factual questions about the information presented in the reading passages.
  • Part 3 contains longer paragraphs. Students answer factual questions about the passage as well as another more complex question about the information in the paragraph.
  • Part 4 contains paragraphs and short stories with progressively more difficult questions. There are four difficulty levels of questions for each reading passage:
    • answer factual questions about the passage
    • retell, give the main idea, or paraphrase the passage
    • compare and contrast information, define a word, give an antonym or synonym for a word, describe something, or categorize the information in the passage
    • make predictions or inferences about the passage or evaluate the information in the passage

279 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2002


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