Spotlight on Figurative Language: Indirect Language

Ages: 8-14
Grades: 3-9

End the confusion teens with language impairments often have with unique and idiomatic expressions. These lessons teach them to "get it" and ultimately use these expressions with their peers.

Spotlight on Figurative Language: Indirect Language helps students with language disorders understand unspoken meaning, its purposes in communication, and how to use it successfully.

The book is organized into five sections:

  • Connotations recognize and use connotative words appropriately
  • Context Clues determine meaning from body posture, facial expressions, and gestures
  • Implications understand how combinations of words and their contexts have differing implications
  • Indirect Language differentiate polite from impolite remarks, use indirect language to politely inform
  • Sarcasm and Irony recognize sarcasm and irony and how they differ; recognize the inappropriate use of sarcasm

The successful Spotlight series formula gives students these advantages:

  • in-depth training
  • step-by-step progression to build success and motivation
  • a wide variety of curricular content as well as daily life experiences
  • uncomplicated grammar
  • clear explanations with examples
  • a pretest/posttest to verify progress

40 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2012


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