Spotlight on Figurative Language: Colorful Language

Ages: 8-14
Grades: 3-9

Upper elementary and junior high students get their message across with colorful hyperboles, malapropisms, oxymorons, and other figurative language forms.

Figurative language is used everywhere and students with language disorders often need specific instruction to comprehend and use it. This book of lessons helps students understand and use numerous types of word play to hold the attention of their listeners.

The book is organized into nine sections:

  • Hyperbole exaggeration: I waited in line for a century.
  • Pleonasms redundancies: We wept tears of joy.
  • Malapropisms words used incorrectly: My new coat has great installation.
  • Tom Swifties puns linked with adverbs to describe how the pun was delivered: "Fire!" yelled Tom alarmingly.
  • Spoonerisms initial letter reversals: Stop chipping the flannels!
  • Portmanteau new words made from combining two words: camera and recorder camcorder
  • Oxymorons words of opposite meaning combined: old news
  • Onomatopoeia words that sound like their meaning: swoosh
  • Humorjokes, riddles, slapstick, etc.

The lessons provide in-depth training in the successful Spotlight series format:

  • a general developmental progression
  • step-by-step advancement to build success and motivation
  • uncomplicated grammar
  • clear explanations with examples
  • a wide variety of curricular content as well as daily life experiences
  • a pretest/posttest

40 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2012


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