Spotlight on Figurative Language: Similes

Ages: 8-14
Grades: 3-9

Your students will learn to identify, understand, and compose the most frequently used type of similedescriptive, like a pro. Reading comprehension, peer conversation, and test results are bound to improve too. Students with language disorders may think learning about similes is as tough as nails until you show them Spotlight on Figurative Language: Similes.

That's because the activities begin at a very concrete level designed to engage students with language disorders. As and Like similes in their most basic forms (hungry as a lion, cry like a baby, etc.) are introduced first. Once those forms have been fully learned, activities progress to similes that are more descriptive and extended (hungry as a lion who hasn't tasted meat in a week).

Your students learn to flex their creativity and understand how they can use similes to not only add flair to their reading and writing, but inject a healthy dose of their own humor as well.

The book winds up with some contextual practice, exploring the little-taught than simile form, and some very awful simile jokes that your students will probably love far more than you'd like.

This Spotlight book follows the successful format of others in the series:

  • lessons are in a general developmental progression
  • step-by-step activities build success and motivation
  • lessons use a wide variety of curricular content and daily life experiences
  • grammar is uncomplicated
  • lessons include current, age-appropriate topics
  • progress is measure with a pretest/posttest

40 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2012


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