Spotlight on Figurative Language: Idioms

Ages: 8-14
Grades: 3-9

Brilliantly written and highly contextual lessons are sure to help students with language disorders become more expressive and effective communicators.

Understanding and using idioms are tough for students with language disorders — until now. The depth of instruction and highly contextual lessons in this Spotlight will put your students at the top of their language game.

Based on the research of when and how students learn idioms, each chapter:

  • is organized by contextual supporting theme
  • uses strategies to assist students in noticing and understanding idioms
  • includes examples and information to make learning "stick"
  • includes in-depth practice

Chapter themes are Action, Animals, Body Parts, Clothing, and Food. The lessons focus on:

  • how idioms relate to one another
  • how an idiom may have a similar/opposite meaning to other idioms
  • the emotions typically associated with the idiom
  • relating personal experiences that reflect the meaning of an idiom

40 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2012


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