Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1: Concepts

Ages: 6-8
Grades: 1-3

Teach essential concepts as they apply to the curriculum in early elementary grades. Appealing lessons with simple language demands give children an academic boost and help them keep up in the classroom. he one-page activities feature lots of visual supports with minimal demands for reading and writing. There are a variety of lesson formats; students match items, color the correct item, mark what is missing, and circle correct answers.

A pretest/posttest makes it easy to measure instruction results.

Children learn basic concepts words to talk about:

  • quantitysome/more/most, few/many, whole/half, none/some/all, and more
  • degree or intensitycomparison words such as hot/hotter/hottest and good/better/best, few/many, and more
  • numbersfirst/second/third, pairs, dozen, and more
  • time and sequencebefore/after, first/middle/last, and beginning/middle/end
  • addition and subtractionhow many, total, add/subtract, and more
  • calendar datestoday/tomorrow/yesterday, months, and weeks
  • space or directionright/left

40 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2005


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