Spotlight on Social Skills Elementary: Predicting Consequences

Ages: 6-10
Grades: 1-5

Students ask themselves "What if. . .?" as they learn to anticipate consequences, weigh the pros and cons, problem solve social situations, and make good decisions. The activity pages consist of interesting graphic organizers, photos, and art supported with specific, clear directions.

Teach your students to:

  • predict what will happen next in a situation
  • predict multiple outcomes
  • make decisions based on predicted outcomes
  • understand indirect requests
  • match their communication style to the audience
  • evaluate predictions
  • consider how their actions affect others

Students practice these skills:

  • recognizing friendly faces and friendly actions
  • understanding others' feelings
  • making polite requests
  • group etiquette
  • dealing with arguments and making apologies
  • giving compliments and being a good sport
  • how to handle secrets and tattling

The activities teach explicit conversation skills with these learning strategies:

  • direct instruction
  • modeling
  • observation
  • discussion
  • role-playing
  • other guided practice

Extra helps include:

  • pretest/posttest
  • conversation skills checklist
  • answer key

40 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2009


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