Early Apraxia of Speech Stories Backward Buildup: 8-Book Set

Ages: 3-6

This delightful, innovative series provides motivating practice to improve word stress, intonation, and motor planning for Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Eight storybooks target two- and three-syllable word productions. Children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) typically have problems with prosody and longer, more complex utterances.

These books teach a child the appropriate stress and intonation by removing the semantic load of a word until he's mastered the normal flow and rhythm of the word. Words are divided into syllables. The syllables are imitated repeatedly, in a backward order, until he can say the word easily.

Each page in these books starts with the final syllable of a word and systematically works forward, ending with the target word. The vibrant illustrations are used as visual and tactile cues for smooth movements at the syllable and word levels. The practice method is inherently fun and motivating!

Each book includes 12 reproducible picture cards to use for more practice. The 8-Book Early Apraxia of Speech Stories Backward Buildup set consists of:

  • Words With Equal Emphasis (2-syllable words such as baseball and birthday)
  • Creepy, Crawly Things (2-syllable words such as fuzzy and hopping)
  • Things to Ride (2-syllable words such as subway and firetruck)
  • Yummy Things to Eat (2-syllable words such as muffin and apple)
  • More Yummy Things to Eat (3-syllable words such as banana and lemonade)
  • Animals (3-syllable words such as ladybug and octopus)
  • Places (3-syllable words such as hospital and factory)
  • Things People Do (3-syllable words such as musician and weatherman)

COMPLETE 8-Book Set: each book 16, 8" x 11" coated pages 2011


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