Differential Processing Training Program: Acoustic-Linguistic Tasks

Ages: 6-12
Grades: 1-7

Target the processing skills that underpin steady, consistent language development. This systematic progression of tasks focuses on word relationships, prosody, and language organization.

These lessons individually and as a group, teach children to manipulate increasingly complex units of language. Each one-page activity has a clear, measurable goal and a performance grid for easy measurement, identification of error patterns, and quick documentation of progress.

The lessons are grouped into three skill areas:

Word Relationships

  • Associations recognize and explain associations; generate associated words
  • Comparisons identify and explain similarities and differences
  • Synonyms identify, generate, and compare synonyms
  • Antonyms recognize and generate antonyms
  • Multiple-Meaning Words identify, explain, and define multiple-meaning words
  • Similes identify similar characteristics, identify items by characteristics, complete and generate similes

Prosodic Interpretation

  • Emotions recognize and infer emotions and identify emotional intonation
  • Sentence Intonation recognize intonation, infer sentence meaning from intonation, use intonation appropriately
  • Stress and Rhythm discriminate syllable and word stress and rhythm, interpret changes in stress and rhythm

Language Organization

  • Convergent Naming identify objects from clues, discriminate and identify categories, identify commonalities among objects
  • Divergent Naming name category members by function, parts, and attributes; complete analogies
  • Feature Description describe objects by attributes, parts, and function; generate effective clues about object

155 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2007


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