That's LIFE! Social Language

Ages: 11-16
Grades: 6-11

Help adolescents be effective, appropriate communicators in a wide variety of situations with these lessons in Basic Communication, Conversation Skills, Emotions and Self-Esteem, Peer Relationships, and Working with Others. Students learn to use specific social behaviors through direct instruction, role-playing, observation, and discussion.

The practical training helps them:

  • pick up subtle, nonverbal cues from others
  • recognizing and express emotions appropriately
  • recognize others' perspectives
  • maintain self-control
  • interpret messages quickly enough to respond appropriately in conversation
  • decrease impulsivity and learn not to interrupt
  • use past experiences in order to decide how to deal with current situations
  • understand and read others' intentions
  • relinquish control in groups
  • initiate, maintain, and end conversations well
  • predict social consequences of actions or comments
  • code switch to match communication style to the situation
  • resist peer pressure
  • support others
  • handle conflicts and disagreements while maintaining friendships

The activities are organized into five units—Basic Communication Skills, Conversation Skills, Emotions and Self-Esteem, Peer Relationships, and Working With Others.

Each unit includes:

  • goals & objectives
  • indications a student needs training in the target skill
  • student handout to introduce the target skill
  • activity guidelines
  • vocabulary required for comprehension and expression of the target skills
  • student activity sheets (12 to 22 in each unit) for practice of the target skills, discussion, role-playing, and critiques

Extra helps include:

  • Assessment checklists for teachers, parents, and students
  • Conversation evaluation forms
  • Phone conversation evaluation form

175 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • ©1998


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