iLearn iTeach STEM Earh Science Apps for iPad

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Use the iPad to engage, teach, explore, innovate, and create. Powerful utilities for students, teachers, administrators, and everyone! Make your iPad an effective replacement for the laptop or desktop.

Authors: Patsy Lanclos

Pre K - 12

First in a series of books focusing on STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

iLearn iTeach STEM Earth Science Apps for iPad contains apps for the General Science and Earth Science (Astronomy, Geology and Meteorology) content areas.

General Science

  • Learn with Khan Academy
  • Review vocabulary
  • Experience lab experiments
  • Review with video

Earth Science: Astronomy

  • The Sun's activities
  • Our solar system
  • Location of satellites
  • Images of Mars
  • Images of Mars
  • Moon's Phases
  • Photos from NASA
  • Stars and planets

Earth Science: Geology

  • Volcanoes
  • Dinosaurs
  • Earthquakes
  • Rocks and Minerals

Earth Science: Meteorology

  • Weather forecasts
  • Track hurricanes
  • Convert temperatures
  • Types of clouds
  • Weather in the world


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