Basic Concept Pictures English and Spanish

Make it easier for students to grasp abstract meanings with these rich full color cards presenting each concept in ten different contexts. Stimuli on the back of the cards are written in English and Spanish.

Ages: 4-8

Grades: PreK-3

Forty concepts are depicted in ten different illustrations (400 cards total). Students learn three categories of concepts:

  • Quantity—100 cards teach concepts such as empty, full, more, less, whole, half, pair, and many
  • Descriptive—100 cards teach concepts such as big, little, old, new, same, different, tall, and short
  • Position—200 cards teach concepts such as on, off, top, bottom, over, under, together, apart, beside, between, and around

Stimulus items on the back of each card are written in English and Spanish. The stimulus items progress in difficulty:

  1. Identify the concept in the picture—Show me the glass that is empty.
  2. Cloze sentences using the concept vocabulary—This glass is full, but this glass is _______. (empty)
  3. Yes/no questions—If you were thirsty, would you choose the empty glass? (No, I would choose the full glass.)
  4. Wh- questions and choice questions—What would you fill an empty glass with? (Answers will vary.)

The instruction booklet has:

  • guidelines and steps for teaching language concepts
  • suggestions to extend concept practice into daily activities
  • pretest/posttest
  • teacher checklist


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