An advanced review of speech lanugage pathology kit


The #1 choice for PRAXIS preparation is a comprehensive review, study guide, textbook, and reference rolled into one. Brand new for 2016, only the most current, important, and relevant information is extracted from the entire field of speech–language pathology and included for your review. The fourth edition features new, updated test questions with answers based on the latest edition of the PRAXIS examination.

Quick response codes (QR codes) embedded throughout the chapters can be scanned to lead you immediately to relevant web sites with extended information. More than 500 contemporary references have been added, and current topic areas (e.g., telepractice, Common Core State Standards, and the needs of medically fragile infants) are addressed. The Appendix gives practical test-taking strategies based upon the latest version of the PRAXIS exam. Experienced professionals will find this resource to be a helpful, quick reference for the very latest updated information in a wide variety of areas.

686 pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover • ©2016

With this money-saving combo, you also receive a 12-month subscription to An Advanced Review of Speech-Language Pathology, Fourth Edition: Online Practice Examinations. These interactive, web-based practice tests simulate the experience of the new PRAXIS SLP Exam and include questions from three content categories:

  1. foundations and professional practice;
  2. screening, assessment, evaluation, and diagnosis; and
  3. planning, implementation, and evaluation of treatment.

With the 12-month online subscription you will be able to take four full-length preset exams and then endless created versions. You will receive an analysis of your results, comparison of your scores over multiple administrations, and comparison with the scores of test takers from across the country. Effectively focus your study and review by taking an exam, identifying areas that need additional study, reviewing the materials, and repeating the exam.


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