Kreative Komix: Super Hero

For Children 6 to 60

Kreative Komix Dinosaurs Comic Book Maker

A simple-to-use multimedia tool that puts fun back into your creative writing program while encouraging writing skills and oral language.You and your students can create animated stories that talk, or print out the comic books and act out the stories using stick puppets.

Kreative Komix Super Hero

Bring your characters to life with sound. Record your own or use the program's built-in text to speak in a variety of unique voices. Add action to your comic through animation, and then watch your crime fighting super heroes triumph over evil right on your computer using the built-in Comic Player. You can also design stick puppets to use in printable puppet show backdrops, post your comics to the Web, or Email them to friends! This dynamic program is not only interactive and entertaining, but encourages creativity, story sequencing, writing skills, and oral language. ZOOKS- it's fun!

Be the director of your own animated comic books with:
  • Actors!Over a hundred different characters from a variety of fairy tales and super heroes.
  • Props!Use hundreds of props to create your own backgrounds.
  • Action!Using the built-in Comic Player you can see your stories come to life on your computer.
  • Sound!Record your own sounds or use built-in text-to-speech with a variety of voices. Make flying carpets whoosh by or give each of your characters a unique voice.
  • Animation!Animate characters and props by simply clicking where you want them to go.
Kreative Komix includes: Kreative Komix encourages:
  • Comic books
  • Stories
  • Animated slide shows with sound
  • Animated Web comics
  • Comic book emails
  • Stick puppets
  • Puppet show backdrops
  • Creativity
  • Story Sequencing
  • Writing Skills
  • Oral Language

System Requirements:

System Requirements: Windows: XP, and Vista , Windows 7 and 8.1


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