Single Switch Games 2

These new arcade-style games don't pretend to be educational. They're just for fun! Each game starts with a simple activity that can be easily mastered by almost all players, then gets gradually harder until it challenges even the most skillful players to the limit.

We've taken some games similar to the ones you enjoyed as a kid and made them work just right for single switch users. Your kids will love them. Adults, too.

Version 2 adds several new games as well as games for 2 single switch players! Players are competing for points, but must still cooperate to solve each level.

One Player Games

  • Single Switch Maze
  • A Frog's Life
  • Switching Lanes
  • Switch Invaders
  • Slingshot Gallery
  • Scurry
  • Mr. Marblehead
  • Passing Lane
  • Concentrate
  • Single Switch Solitaire

... and our new two-player games:

  • Dual Switch Invaders
  • Dueling Slingshots
  • Scurry Too
  • The Duel

System Requirements

A Macintosh running MacOS 10.1 - 10.6, or a PC running Windows XP or newer. Supports keyboard, mouse, touch screen, IntelliKeys, and single- or dual-switch input.


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