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"The Edmark Reading Program is systematic and explicit." -Florida Center for Reading Research

READING LEVEL: Grade 1 – Grade 3


Widely regarded as the "one that works," the Edmark Reading Program has long helped students who need an alternative to phonics.

The key to this success is the program’s use of a carefully sequenced, highly repetitive word recognition method combined with errorless learning. This approach eliminates incorrect responses and helps students view themselves as readers.

The Edmark Reading Program ensures success to students of all ages who have not yet mastered beginning reading. 

Meets the requirements of No Child Left Behind with lessons in:

  • vocabulary
  • comprehension
  • fluency

Research-Based Instructional Strategies:

  • Errorless Learning
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Use of Manipulatives
  • Oral and sight word vocabulary
  • Controlled vocabulary stories
  • Social Skills Enrichment
  • Continuous Progress Monitoring

Edmark Reading Program Level 2 Print Complete

What’s New in the Second Edition:

The core content of the program remains the same and now includes many improvements. These include:

  • New look — New illustrations appeal to children and adults
  • Organization — Simplified numbering and easy to plan and manage
  • Stories — Many new stories and full-color illustrations
  • Mastery Test — Integrated into the program to provide baseline data and periodic assessment
  • Lesson Plan/Record Book — Combines lesson planning and ongoing progress monitoring
  • Reading and Social Skills Games — Games with lesson plans teach social skills while reinforcing vocabulary and comprehension
  • Judy’s Birthday Party — This new reader is a student reward for completion of Level 2
  • Word Signs–Level 1 and Level 2, DVD — A video word-signing guide demonstrating the 350 words from Levels 1 an

Learning Opportunities:

  • 200 Words from the Dolch Word List and basal readers
  • Extensive comprehension practice of words, phrases, and stories
  • Visual memory of words
  • Left-to-right reading/tracking
  • Thinking and discrimination skills
  • Association between oral language and print

Recommended For:

  • Students with developmental disabilities or Autism
  • Students with learning disabilities
  • Title 1 students
  • ESL students
  • Preschool and kindergarten students who lack vocabulary development
  • Non-Readers who struggle with phonics

The Lesson Plan/Record Book serves as a tool for continuous progress monitoring of student achievement. It is also a convenient lesson planner and a guide to the sequence of activities within each Edmark Reading Program lesson. One booklet per student is needed. Each Lesson Plan/Record Book covers the entire Level 2 program.

The 140 reproducible Comprehension activities provide an extensive amount of word recognition practice and comprehension reinforcement. These activities include a variety of formats in which the students read and comprehend words and phrases. Exercise types include cloze, reading/writing response, short answers, and multiple choice. The students choose from answers consisting of words. Students will enjoy completing the assignment on their own, with a buddy, or with a family member.

The students will demonstrate comprehension of words or phrases by answering the comprehension questions as required by each activity. The students will do the following:

  • Select the correct word to complete a sentence
  • Answer questions related to brief stories
  • Select the correct word in dictation from multiple choices (review)

The 199 reproducible Homework activities are a fun way to reinforce classroom learning. Many students require extra practice with word recognition and reading after school to retain what they learned. The students also enjoy demonstrating their reading ability to parents and family.

Eight different types of homework activities provide word recognition practice in formats that differ from the activities the student practiced during class. The students will generalize their word recognition and reading skills to a variety of typefaces and handwriting, and new situations.

The students will demonstrate comprehension of words, phrases, and sentences by following instructions for the various activities. The student will do the following:

  • Match a word found in two different fonts
  • Find the correct word to complete a sentence
  • Choose the correct word to complete a sentence
  • Match words to pictures
  • Copy a sentence
  • Read a cluster of sentences
  • Read flash card words to an adult

The 53 reproducible Spelling activities provide both reinforcement for recognition of new reading words and a beginning spelling experience. A Spelling activity follows every five new words learned, plus there are 13 review activities. The student can write or sign the answers.

The students will do the following:
  • Write each word two times
  • Write a missing letter to complete a word
  • Write a spelling word to complete a sentence
  • Identify correctly spelled words
  • Write a sentence using a spelling word
  • Write one sentence using as many of the five spelling words as possible

The Mastery Test is a domain referenced, nationally field-tested instrument designed specifically to assess the performance of students using the Edmark Reading Program. This highly reliable and relevant test consists of four subtests that closely mirror the instructional format of the Edmark Reading Program.

The Discrimination and Picture/Phrase Match subtests can be administered in a group setting. The Word Recognition and Oral Reading subtests require individual administration by teachers or paraprofessionals.

The Mastery Test can be used

  • For continuous progress monitoring in the Edmark Reading Program
  • To determine the student’s mastery of the program
  • As a placement instrument for students whose instruction in the Edmark Reading Program has been interrupted
  • To identify targeted reading objectives for the student’s IEP

Detailed information on administration, scoring, and interpreting results is provided in the Mastery Test Manual. Administer the Mastery Test (a) at the beginning of the school year to obtain baseline data and make placement decisions, (b) after every 50 lessons (or as needed) to show progress, and (c) at the end of the school year to report student progress to the next year’s teacher.

These reproducible activities reinforce the words taught in the program and help students generalize and demonstrate their reading skills. Bingo consists of 200 bingo boards and 200 bingo cards. The bingo cards can be copied and cut apart or copied onto business card sheets.

The student will do the following:

  • Scan and read the words on the Bingo board
  • Identify which word (if any) the teacher has called aloud, and cross it off
  • Identify when he or she has achieved a bingo and announce it

The 100 Stories engage students in reading short, fictional works illustrated with full-color art. The stories enable the students to practice reading words they have learned to recognize, but in a new context. These engaging stories contain only words that have been learned in previous lessons. Possessives, contractions, and hyphenated words are used in some of the stories. As they are introduced, it is necessary to explain their usage. Compound words are introduced in Story 10. Discussion questions located at the back of each book allow the teacher to check the students’ understanding. Students of all ages will find it fun and amusing to discuss the stories, illustrations, and words with their teach-ers and fellow students, thereby extending their comprehension and use of the Edmark Reading Program words.

The students will:

  • Read stories aloud
  • Read stories silently
  • Demonstrate comprehension by answering discussion questions and by engaging in conversation about the stories and illustrations

The 58 reproducible Take-Away Readers are eight-page stories with photographs that illustrate the stories and emphasize words students have learned in current and previous lessons. The readers engage students in fun, confidence-building activities that extend literacy experiences at school and home.

Students can read the stories aloud to staff and peers at school, and then take the readers home to read aloud to family and friends. In this way the students can experience the pleasure of sharing their reading achievements.

Students will do the following:
  • Read stories
  • Demonstrate comprehension by answering discussion questions and by engaging in conversation about the stories and photo illustrations
  • Read the stories to a variety of people, including family members and other students

The Edmark Reading Program: Level 2 – Second Edition Word Cards, packaged with the Edmark Reading and Social Skills Games kit, include all 200 words taught in Level 2. The lesson numbers are in the upper right corner on the cards.

Additional sets of Word Cards can be purchased. The cards can be used for flash card practice, for bulletin board word walls, for creating phrases and sentences, and for playing charades.

99, 2.25" x 3.5" replacement cards for use with the Phrase Match activity. Cards only, boards not included.

Two, 7.5" x 11.25," vinyl masks allow the student to focus on one line of text at a time through a narrow transparent strip.

Judy’s Birthday Party is a gift to be given to students upon completion of the Edmark Reading Program — Level 2. The story uses all 200 words taught in Level 2 and many words from Level 1. It is intended as a culminating activity, to be given to each student along with a certificate as a reward for completing the program. Five copies of Judy’s Birthday Party and five certificates of completion are provided with each Level 2 program.

The student will:
  • Read the book silently or aloud to friends and family
  • Read the book repeatedly

This text serves as a guide and training manual for the Edmark Reading Program.

The Program Overview contains:
  • The research-based support for the Edmark Reading Program
  • A Quick Tour of the entire program
  • An illustration and description of how to conduct each activity found in the program
  • A complete description of each of the Resources to be used with the program
  • A detailed explanation for correct placement in the program
  • A detailed explanation of  continuous progress monitoring of the program
  • Teaching strategies
  • References

The Reading and Social Skills Games include 40 games with lesson plans. The games provide reinforcement of Edmark Reading Program words in the context of playing a variety of games. Students develop social skills and a basic understanding of various game-playing procedures. Social skills such as interacting, cooperating, and problem solving are functional skills often required in students’ IEPs, and are necessary in the activities of daily life, work, and leisure.

The student will do the following:
  • Read and comprehend words, phrases, and sentences
  • Demonstrate reading fluency
  • Use Edmark Reading Program words receptively and expressively
  • Demonstrate age-appropriate social skills
  • Demonstrate age-appropriate game-playing skills

Additional reading, social, and game-playing objectives are found in the Reading and Social Skills Games Manual.


  • Manual including lesson plans and reproducible materials
  • Word Cards
  • Two-sided Game Board
  • Game pieces and dice

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  • Comprehension: 140 activities.
  • Spelling: 53 activities.
  • Homework: 199 activities.
  • Take-Away Readers: 58 readers.
  • Bingo: 200 activities.


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