Fundamental Card Reading Center

The MCFRC Fundamental Reading Center supports the model and response instructional approach and enhances classroom curriculum, literacy, foreign language acquisition and speech-language therapies in an easy-to-use way. Students can see the picture, read the word and hear the correct pronunciation then repeat the word aloud as modeled and compare the two pronunciations through listening. This multi-modal learning sequence both instructs and reinforces word skills.

This learning center includes the CAR2020 CardMasterô card reader that has a built-in microphone so a permanent record of a student's progress can be made for teachers by recording onto a blank magnetic card or onto a cassette player/recorder connected to the reader's auxiliary output. The card reader has full and half speeds for differentiated learning activities, a hidden teacher track record lock, dual headphone and mic jacks, and is both AC and battery operated. Along with the CAR2020, the MCFRC also contains pre-programmed Readiness, Picture Word & Phonics card programs that offer vocal mirroring capability. The center comes with a heavy-duty 2001 storage/carry case made with rugged ABS construction for durability that makes the MCFRC portable and dependable.

SRP: $648

  • Phonics Cards reinforce vowels and consonants while Picture Word and Readiness Cards introduce shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet
  • Sturdy storage case
  • CAR2020 Card Reader with built-in microphone, headphone and mic jacks
CAR2020 CardMaster Card Reader
2001 Case


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