PCI Reading Program Level 1

Turn Nonreaders into Successful Readers!

The PCI Reading Program is a scientifically research-based curriculum created specifically to teach students with developmental disabilities, autism, and significant learning disabilities to read. Level One teaches 140 basic sight words from the Dolch and Fry lists and "real-world" words through a comprehensive system of repetition, "hands-on" practice, controlled-vocabulary reading, and high-interest activities. Students progress from reading
individual words to 8-12 word sentences. Level One includes 28 books, ranging in length from 8 to 12 pages. By the end of Level One, nonreaders will have progressed to approximately a 1.0 reading level.

PCI Reading Program Level One is designed as a one-on-one program and takes at least one full school year to complete.

Learn Five Words and Read a Book

The five-step lesson cycle is based on visual discrimination and is designed to teach students to automatically recognize and correctly
pronounce one word at a time. As each new word is learned, previous words are continually reviewed, which promotes both short- and long-term
retention. Every word is practiced and reviewed over 100 times. For every five words learned, students are invited to read a full-color book
about the everyday life of a contemporary adolescent character.

For Nonreaders of All Ages

The program is designed for nonreaders age 5 to adult, the activities and books feature realistic illustrations, and the story lines encompass
important life skills and lessons. The program materials use repetition and review along with frequent praise to guarantee successful learning
and to increase students' self-confidence. Students do not need to know the alphabet to begin Level One. The only prerequisites for the program

Students must be able to follow simple, one-sentence directions.

Students must be able to respond to a teacher request either verbally or by pointing.

Students must be able to visually discriminate between words.


Level 1 Print Complete Kit Components

Scripted Lessons Word Building Lessons
  (Books & M/W CD)
5 Student Trace and Read Workbooks
2 Program Books
Read-Aloud Pages
Reproducible Activity Sheets Binder
Building Reading Skills Binder
140 Word Cards

100 Picture Cards
2 Game Mats
105 Matching Text & Scene Cards
Plastic Card Tray & Plastic Viewer
Comprehensive Tests
28 Posttests
Checklists & Progress Charts

Level 1 Print Additional Sets or Other Components

  Activity Sheets - 280 Reproducible Activity Sheets in 3-Ring Binder

Audio Cards - For additional hands-on and at-home reading practice Contains 140 cards. Used with a Califone CardMaster, the audio cards provide teachers with a hands-on auditory and visual practice center that can be used independently.Not included in the Complete Kit

Reproducible Books - For additional hands-on and at-home reading practice The 28 Level One books are now available in reproducible format/perfect bound. Not included in the Complete Kit

Building Reading Skills Binder

Trace and Read Workbooks Package of 5

Card Kit Includes Level Picture Cards and Word Cards

Comprehension Activities Binder Level One Comprehension Activities binder (185 pp.) covers all 28 Level One books. Skills include concepts of print, setting, main character, character traits, sequencing, making predictions, drawing conclusions, and "wh" questions. Not included in the Complete Kit

Match on the Mat Kit Includes 1 Match on the Mat Board, 105 Match on the Mat Scene Cards and 105 Match on the Mat Text Cards


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